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Christingle service 2012

Christingle service 2012

I am a rural minister with a heart for mission.  I work amongst a cluster of villages west of Cambridge.  I live with my family in a Rectory surrounded by allotments and farmland, behind an ancient village church, where you can see the stars and hear the owls at night.

This blog is contains a selection of reflections, inspirations, resources and other useful bits and pieces.  Some relate specifically to work here, and some are more general.  Some have been posted because people have asked to see again, and some I offer in case someone else finds them interesting or helpful.

This is what it says about me on LinkedIn…

United annual area-wide multi-denominational service in 2012

United annual area-wide multi-denominational service in 2012

I am an experienced ordained Anglican minister, currently working as part of the Lordsbridge Team of 11 villages west of Cambridge. There, I am lead minister for three parish based worshipping communities (village pop. approx 600, 900 and 2900). Until recently, ‘my patch’ included 3 primary schools, 3 ancient buildings with open churchyards, services in all churches every Sunday, Sunday Clubs in 2, with a small local ministry team in each church community. I am currently involved with colleagues in reorganising the 4 yr old Lordsbridge Team to enable greater flexibility of roles, less focus on parish church communities as the only model of church within the team, and development of local ministry teams.

In October 2014, I was commissioned to take on a ‘mission’ role, reducing my parish responsibilities to two of the existing villages.  As Lead Minister in Mission I, with others, am looking to develop new forms of church in the Lordsbridge villages and am liaising with other agencies over a ‘new town’ development on behalf of the deanery. I will use experience gained as part of the team growing the new church within the new town of Cambourne, and from a recently awarded MA in Pastoral Theology (final dissertation: ‘How can liturgy support mission in a village community?’). I am also a member of the diocesan Rural Mission and Ministry Steering Group.

I am also an experienced consultant, facilitator and trainer. Originally a senior managing consultant with Accenture’s Change Management and Human Performance practice, then as a freelance consultant, I have many years of experience in HR and management consultancy across a number of sectors, including in organisation & team development, change & project management. I also worked for some years in partnership with the Cambridge based think tank, the Relationships Foundation largely involved in thought-leadership around building relational organisations and communities. I draw on this experience, and on subsequent theological training and practice, in tutoring ministerial students and leading workshops for clergy in change management.

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