Kigali trip: Rubona parish

A couple of days ago we visited Rubona parish to observe their annual church peer evaluation.  Rubona church is a rural church nearly an hours’ drive out of Kigali on tarmacked roads, followed by 45 minutes or so rattling along a rutted dirt road through between plots of banana trees, maize and pineapples.


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Kigali trip: Visiting Solid Foundation primary school

Solid Foundation primary school is a church school right by the cathedral.  It takes children from age 3 throughout their primary years, and includes day care for toddlers.  School lessons for the youngest are in Kinyarwanda then, as they get older, in French.  The oldest children have all the lessons and take exams in English.  Recent regulations from the government mean that the schools are required to introduce laptops and a new curriculum reflecting more up to date teaching methods.

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Kigali trip: Sunday service in Masaka parish

Here are some pictures from the service at the main Anglican church in Masaka parish this morning.  Pastor Emmanuel, on the right below, was leading the service.  Senior Pastor Samuel is on the left in the picture.  I was privileged to be invited to preach at this service.  (Thank you to Stephen who translated for me.)

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Kigali visit: before setting off

IMG_2086A small group from the diocese of Ely are setting off for Rwanda tomorrow, where will be guests of the diocese of Kigali.  I have the privilege of being one of them, representing the Lordsbridge Team of Churches.  One of our churches, St Mary’s Comberton is already part of the diocesan link.  Their local link is with the rural Masaka parish where Revd Kandole Samuel is the senior pastor (left).  Here are some highlights from our itinerary: Continue reading

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Drawing on ancient wisdom: re-imagining the Christian community

4982193086_9d1da0b5fd_zThe cloister, the refectory, the chapel, the cell, these are places in a well ordered monastery. We see their remains when we visit cathedrals and abbeys. But what are their contemporary equivalents now? Can we learn from the life and rhythm of a monastery as we shape our existing worshipping communities for a healthy future? Is this somewhere that faithfulness and re-imagining can come together? Some think it is.

Cloister, refectory, chapel, cell – each place represents a different task or function of a sustainable Christian community. Continue reading

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Dry Drayton Classroom Crosses

Dry Drayton school and Dry Drayton church are collaborating on a project to put a cross in each of the three classrooms.  We have, together, chosen crosses that have links to three local saints so that the children can learn their stories and prayers as well as exploring local history and geography, and perhaps visits too.  We plan to give the crosses to the school after half term alongside a series of assemblies Continue reading

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Jesus asked: ‘who do you say that I am?’

These reflections were first offered on 27 August 2017 at a communion service in Dry Drayton and a service of Morning Worship in Caldecote in a series on ‘classic gospel stories’ (following the Revised Common Lectionary).  The gospel reading for the day was Matthew 16: 13-20.

Over the last few months and week by week on a Sunday we have been hearing classic stories of Jesus.  Some stories that Jesus himself told; some stories of words of wisdom that he imparted to his disciples and the crowds; some stories of conversations that he had with others around him.  Continue reading

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