Kigali trip: visit to the Anglican vocational college

The Anglican vocational college known as CEFORMI (a French acronym, the meaning of which I have forgotten!) takes over 200 students, aged 16 and above, for one year courses in practical skills.  Some of those studying here have come from very challenging backgrounds on the streets and are sponsored by charities.  Others pay the fee themselves.  All are learning a trade so that they are more likely to get jobs or can start their own small businesses.  Those who come from the villages or further suburbs board during the week, and each day, for everyone, begins with devotions ‘to teach about how to live’.

Courses include dressmaking and tailoring…


… car mechanics…


… cookery (beignets or doughnuts on this occasion) …


… and electrics.


And when we visited those learning hair-dressing some of us had our hair braided… or even had hair extensions added!


Finally, here is the view from the yard of the college over the rest of the city – Kigali is a city built on hills.




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I am Team Rector for the Lordsbridge Team of Churches, a cluster of 11 villages west of Cambridge. Within the Team, I am Vicar of Hardwick and Dry Drayton, and Lead Minister for Pioneering Projects.
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